Granite for Kitchen Worktops, Draining Boards and Hob Surrounds

We supply and template solid stone granite for kitchen worktops, breakfast bars and other flat kitchen surfaces such as sink surrounds, draining boards and hob islands. Once cut, the granite is edged, polished or honed, and then hand finished to produce high quality kitchen surfaces which will give lasting service that you can be proud of.

Choose granite for kitchen counter tops and islands

Granite is widely used for the manufacture and installation of kitchen work surfaces and counter tops. This beautiful solid stone is available in a variety of natural colours, and can transform the look of a kitchen from something very ordinary, to something quite spectacular, no matter the size and design of the room. GON Granite & Marble, based in Ruthin, North Wales, offers samples of natural granite to help you choose quality granite stone slabs for your project. All our stone is responsibly sourced from all over the world, enabling us to offer customers the very best available with the features and colour they are looking for. Our range of granite has something to suit most tastes, and with two grades of stone: standard and budget, we believe we have something that doesn’t have to cost the earth, either.

Stylish kitchen island cooking stations and hob units are complemented by the right choice of granite surround. River White granite has been used here to just that effect. The result is a streamlined, practical and ordered hob cooking station that adds a contemporary feel to an otherwise traditional looking kitchen area.

Natural granite kitchen sink surrounds and draining boards

This sink surround is typical of the kind of finish our customers can expect for their solid stone kitchen surface projects. The double sink cut-out and grooved draining board in Angel White granite is highly polished to reflect the beauty of the stone, and has been cut to fit over the under-mounted sinks and to facilitate the tap fittings. It is important to note that in order to reduce the risk of fracture when cutting granite, minimum dimensions between the edge of the sink cutouts and the tap holes, for example, need to be considered. These dimensions are taken into account during templating and are carefully observed by our highly skilled craftsmen when the stone is cut to size and the tap ‘knock-out’ holes are created. Hence, structural integrity is maintained and the risk of problems later on are eliminated as far as is possible.