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Exquisite Stones – elegant, unique, semi-precious, natural stone worktops

In order to appreciate the colour, pattern and true beauty of the material, we recommend that you see samples of the real thing before ordering. Please either call in at our workshops in North Wales, or ask for samples to be posted for a nominal fee to cover P&P. If your final order value is over £500, the cost of any samples will be reimbursed.

Cue the drama and allure of natural solid quartzite

Not to be confused with engineered stone, or ‘quartz’, quartzite is formed when sandstone undergoes metamorphosis as it is being subjected to chemical activity, intense heat and pressure, deep within the Earth’s crust. As these conditions relax and the magma cools, the former sand grains and silica re-crystalize. The resultant quartzite grains interlock so tightly with each other, that the rock becomes extremely hard and tough. Unlike sandstone, when quartzite breaks, it does so through its grains, rather than along the boundaries between them.

As you can see from our personally selected quartzite slabs shown below, quartzite, whilst commonly found in hues of smokey grey or milky white, can also be found in other colours including pink, shades of deeper reds, and amethyst. This is due in part to the levels of iron and other minerals within the rock, and to what degree of radiation the rock was subjected to in its molten state. A fusion of impurities and small inclusions (e.g. mica) that shimmer, will show as green or blue, yellow, orange or brown particles. Semi-precious agate, jasper, rose quartz, citrine and golden tiger’s eye, together with the presence of trapped gases, add to the unique characteristics of any given piece of quartzite. A leather, polished, honed or satin finish produces a truly special piece of natural solid stone for imaginative use on flat surface areas in the home, be that floors, kitchen counter tops, luxurious bathrooms, or even elevator internal wall cladding.

Quartzite Options (click to enlarge):
Exquisite stones

When looking at natural stone, the diversity between batches is inevitable, but it is precisely these variations which make natural stone so unique and elegant.

The particular stones illustrated on this page are some of our director’s personal choices, sometimes found by personally visiting some of the most interesting quarries in Europe. Because of the nature of these stones, supply is limited, and availability cannot be guaranteed. Please call for more information.

Please note…

Being one of nature’s raw materials, natural stone will vary from slab to slab and batch to batch, in colour, veining and texture. Please also be aware that web images vary widely according to the specification of the monitors used to view them. We cannot guarantee the availability of every stone type in every thickness, so please call to discuss your requirements before making definite plans.

Cut/finish options

Most of the materials shown here are available as follows:

  • polished finish
  • honed finish
  • brushed finish
  • 20mm thickness
  • 30mm thickness
  • 40mm thickness (limited availability).
Unique design

Exquisite granite and semi-precious natural stone work tops, sink cut-outs, and island units for kitchens, create a truly unique part of the overall design, whilst adding very special qualities to your home.